Why You’ll Love Tape in Hair Extensions and Where to buy Pre Taped Human Hair Extensions with Tape Tabs

Hair extensions can add fullness and length to your hair, giving you a beautiful, sophisticated look. When you’re trying to pick out your new extensions, you’ll find that there are several choices to make. The first question you should ask yourself is what type of extensions you should buy: tape in, clip in, wefts or another type? These variations of extensions all have their advantages; here, we’ll explore the benefits of tape in hair extensions and why they’re so popular.


One of the reasons tape in extensions are so well-loved is that they are a semi- permanents option that provides a natural look with instant thickness at a more cost effective price than some other extension. Beauty is an investment, so anytime you can find a lower-cost alternative to the pricier products out there, it’s a big help. Tape hair extensions are amazing in fact they can be reused, lasting up to a year! Pre taped hair extensions let you look pretty as a picture without breaking the bank.


Tape in human hair extensions are incredibly low-maintenance, meaning you won’t spend hours taking care of them. You can, however, style them to your heart’s content, washing, blow drying, whatever you like just like your hair. You can even re-use them with new hair tape. How? Just wash your hair thoroughly removing excess adhesive and re-applying with a new set of hair extensions tape tabs.

Tape in extensions also makes your morning routine faster and easier. You can hit the gym, go for a swim, or take part in whatever activities you enjoy with gorgeous looking hair. They’re also quick and easy to apply. Taking less than an hour by a professional.

Where to Buy Hair Extension Tape Tabs and Human Hair Extensions

At Flik Hair Extensions, we offer a range of pre taped and other hair extensions for your selection. We offer premium high-quality hair extensions made from human hair to look and feel naturally beautiful. Our tape in extensions have gentle adhesive tabs for flexibility and comfort. Place them throughout hair for a seamless blend. We also offer salon owners and others in the hair and beauty industry excellent wholesale discounts on our full range of extension products, including up-to-the-minute options such as balayage and foiled extensions. Contact Flik Hair Extensions for outstanding customer service and superior hair extensions.