What are the Flik Seamless Luxe Flat Weft Extensions?

The Flat Wefts have an added double-stitched bond and are sealed into a super-thin base to make it firmer and more secure which prevents unnecessary shedding. The name says it all, these flat weft hair extensions are thin, about 1mm in thickness, which are great for clients with fine hair as the extensions lay flat on their head when applied correctly. They are in fact suitable for all hair types as they provide maximum volume and minimal bulk and are extremely comfortable, as though nothing is in your hair!

The hair extensions are utterly safe to attach to your head as they have no silicone and made of pure human hair. All cuticles are kept intact, mimicking the look of your natural locks.

The most favourable feature of the Flik Flat wefts is that it contains no short hair/no return hair, unlike the machine weft. Another key advantage is that you can style and cut the weft according to your desired look, and layered up mixing different colours to get the perfect blend.