Shop Online for Affordable Tape Style Human Hair Extensions

What if you could wake up one day and instantly change the way you look? Almost like waving a magic wand, human hair extensions allow for an instant transformation. The beauty of tape hair extensions is that they aren’t permanent and provide people with the opportunity to try on a different look for as long as deemed appropriate.

We know the appeal of hair extensions as they provide endless styling capabilities allowing the user to wear their hair down or up, curly or straight and short or long. They’re easy to use and maintain and look and feel like natural hair.

At Flik, we sell a vast line of hair extensions online, premium human hair extensions and tape hair extensions. We also offer a large selection of high-quality hair care products to keep the extensions looking new after each wear.

Increase Your Profits with Human Hair Extensions

As a professional stylist, you know the value of offering your valuable clientele the latest hair trends and most current ways to style their hair. From hair care and products designed for styling to the most on-point hair fashion from the runways, a smart hairdresser knows about the trendy styles that appeal to the masses.

For example, tape hair extensions, which are applied using gentle adhesive tabs on the natural hair providing comfort and an array of styling options. The extension wefts also offer flexibility and comfort as they don’t adhere to the scalp. These natural looking extensions can strategically put on the hair to create a seamless blend of long thick hair, add texture to thinning hair or create a cascading waterfall of beautiful curls.

Local Business Offers Hair Extensions Online at Wholesale Pricing

Gold Coast hair care professionals know where to go for the top-quality hair extensions that are a hot look in today’s culture. For example, our popular premium double drawn European and Russian human Remy hair extensions are designed to provide a natural head of thick hair. They are designed to be dense from top to bottom and blend seamlessly with the wearer’s natural hair. We also carry the following hair extensions online so you can offer your clients the most popular styles:

Clip In Hair Extensions: These temporary extensions allow you to vary the look. Using safe silicon-backed clips, there is less slippage and no damage to the natural hair with lasting comfort.

  • Remy Hair Extensions – The Remy hair design ensures that cuticles in the extensions are 100% aligned. This unique scheme helps to prevent matting and tangling.
  • Weft Hair Extensions- These extensions are 1 metre in length and are applied to the scalp using microbeads or as a braid. These can be can be cut to any size and add instant texture.
  • Ponytail Extensions – Known as the easiest to apply, a ponytail extension can instantly create a fun, sporty look or glam up-style.

While we do supply hair extensions, hair care products, and accessories to the public at affordable prices, our online marketplace caters to those in the hair industry. Browse our fantastic wholesale pricing and get a free ponytail with all clip in extension purchases!