Love Clip in Ponytail Hair Extensions? Find Your Perfect Clip on Extension for the Pony tail of your dreams with Human hair to Brush and style any way you like

If you love the look of long, lustrous pony tails but your hair just doesn’t have the thickness or length you’d like, you can solve the problem quickly with clip on pony tails. Hair extensions for your ponytail of real hair look sleek, voluminous, and entirely glamorous. A ponytail hair extension comes in a wide variety of colours and textures so you can find the perfect pony to polish your look. Clip on pony tails are ideal for anyone who wants to try a new look or give their ponytail extra glam factor without permanently altering their real hair.

Advantages of human hair ponytail hair extensions

At Flik Hair Extensions, we sell ponytail hair extensions made of human hair for the best possible quality. Real human hair looks and feels soft, healthy, and natural. You can also blow dry, colour, and style these hair extensions with a brush just as you can with natural hair. The quality, appearance, and versatility are unmatched by other types of extensions. With a little care – such as washing 2-3 times a year with a gentle shampoo and applying conditioner just as you would for your natural hair – your clip in ponytail will stay beautiful and healthy for a long time.

How to clip in your ponytail extension

Once you’ve picked out a ponytail extension that’s the perfect texture and colour, you’ll need to learn how to clip them in correctly for a gorgeous ‘do.’ It’s not hard, but it may require practicing a few times to get it right. It also requires having natural hair that’s at least long enough to pull back into a ponytail.

  • Brush your hair back into a tight bun.
  • Position the bun where you want it – usually higher up for a longer extension or a little lower for a shorter one.
  • Secure the extension clips to the top of this bun.
  • Finish with a polished look by wrapping a small section of the ponytail around the base to cover the clips well; secure with pins.

That’s it! You’re ready to go, and you look fabulous.

Find clip in ponytail human hair at Flik Hair Extensions

At Flik Hair Extensions, we offer a wide range of hair extensions to our customers. From tape in to clip in and Remy to weft, we have a huge selection of lengths, colours, and textures for your selection. Our hair extensions are beautiful, natural, and gentle on your hair. Our prices are very competitive for the general public and even better for hairdressers and salon owners. We always keep up-to-date on the latest trends including balayage, foil, and more. You’ll even receive a free ponytail with your clip in purchase! Our ponytail extensions are easy and quick to apply, giving you a luxurious, thick style in no time. For excellent prices and outstanding customer service, contact Flik Hair Extensions today.

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