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Most of us would like for our hair to be longer or thicker than it is. If you fall into this category, hair extensions can be a lifesaver. 16, 20, 24, or 26 inch human hair extensions you clip in are a fast, easy, commitment-free way to get the look you want. Even if you grow your hair for years, you may not achieve the length or texture you covet. Or, you may love your natural hair, but still desire a different look now and then. Either way, hair extensions are the answer. However, choosing the right hair extensions may prove tricky. Here are some tips for selecting the right ones for you.

Your lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle and habits before choosing 26, 24, 20, or 16 inch hair extensions. How much time do you have to spend on your hairstyle in the morning? If your time is limited, opt for 20 inch clip in hair extensions (or the length you prefer). Clip in extensions are low-maintenance and fast to put in and take out, meaning you can use them daily or just on special occasions without any hassle. Semi-permanent extensions require a bit more planning, but they’re still easy to care for and well worth the extra few minutes here and there they’ll cost you.

Your existing hair colour

Finding the right colour is one of the most important parts of choosing your 16, 20, 24, or 26 inch hair extensions. For example, your hair may not be just one uniform colour; it may have blended or even bold, bright colours. That’s why there are 20 inch human hair extensions and a variety of other lengths in a wide range of colours. Finding the right colour will allow the extensions to visually blend with your hair, giving you a very natural look.

Length and texture

Keep in mind that the longer the length you choose, the more bundles of hair you’ll need because the bundles are typically measured in weight. So, for example, 20 inch extensions will seem thicker in comparison to, say, 24 inch tape in hair extensions. Also, curly hair will appear shorter than straight hair of the same length. You also may need fewer bundles if you are purchasing curly hair, which will make your hair seem thicker than the same number of bundles of straight hair.

Need Hair Extensions? 26 Inch Human Hair Extensions at Flik Hair Extensions

At Flik Hair Extensions, we can help you find the perfect extensions to create the gorgeous look you want. We offer clip in, tape in, ponytail, and more extensions to suit any preference. Our extensions are conveniently available online at excellent wholesale prices for salon owners and hairdressers and the general public at very affordable, competitive prices. Our extensions are thick and healthy-looking from top to bottom so you’ll always look and feel your best. Contact Flik Hair Extensions today with any questions – we’re always happy to help.

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