1. Can I colour my Flik Hair Extensions?

Flik Hair Extensions are 100% human hair and can be coloured and died. However, we do recommend a professional to colour your extensions as they have been through a process already, we do not recommend bleaching your extensions. Do a test strand first and treat them like bleached hair. 

2. Can I perm my Flik Hair Extensions?

Flik Hair Extensions are 100% human hair and can be permed. However, we do recommend a professional to perm your extensions as they have been through a process already, so perming your extensions will decrease the life of them. Do a test strand first.

3. How long will my Flik Hair Extensions last?

You can typically expect your Flik Hair Extensions to last between 3-12 months. It all depends how your look after them. They are 100% human hair and do require more attention as they are not receiving the natural oils and nutrients from your scalp. 

4. Can I style and cut/blend my Flik Hair Extensions?

Flik Hair Extensions are 100% human hair and can be styled, however, we strongly recommend Flik Hair Extension Moisture Heat Protectant Spray to keep them frizz free and not to exceed 150 degrees celsius on your styling tools. We do recommend a professional to cut/blend your hair extensions.

5. Can I swim in my Flik Clip In Hair Extensions?

We do not recommend swimming in our Flik Clip In Hair Extensions as they will put extra pressure on your scalp causing discomfort/hair loss. Swimming in chlorinated water can decrease the life of your extensions if not cared for properly.

6. What does double drawn mean?

Flik Hair Extensions have gone through a lengthy process so that the hairs are all the same length making the extensions to be thick from top to ends.

7. How do I know which colour to choose?

Please contact us with a photo of your hair in a natural light (not direct sunlight) and we can recommend the perfect shade for you.

  • EMAIL: info@flikhe.com
  • FACEBOOK MESSENGER: www.facebook.com/flikhairextensions
  • INSTAGRAM INBOX: www.instagram.com/flikhairextensions

 8. If my Flik Hair Extensions are not the correct colour and I have not opened the main compartment, how do I return or exchange the Flik Hair Extensions?

Go to orders in your account and request a "return request".

9. How do I clip in my Flik Clip In Hair Extensions?

Brush through your hair and section off the top of your hair below your ears. Clip the clips to your natural hair and follow this process, moving up your head until all clip ins are used. 

10. How long does my hair need to be to wear Flik Hair Extensions?

We recommend your hair be no shorter than 10cms or 6 inches. But if you still want to purchase Flik Hair Extensions and you know you can make it work, we say "go for it!".

11. Can I wash my Flik Hair Extensions? How often should I wash my Flik Hair Extensions?

We recommend only washing your Flik Hair Extensions when required as they don't need regular washing like your normal hair. We recommend you use sulphate free, paraben free, silicon and alcohol free products which are in our Flik Hair Care range. This will ensure the longevity of your Flik Hair Extensions.

12. How long does shipping take?

At Flik we provide Free Express Australia Post shipping on all Flik Hair Extensions so you get your amazing Flik Hair Extensions ASAP! If express shipping is not selected on other products, this option will be available at check out. Please see below your time frame.

Australia wide FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING: 1-2 business days

International FREE SHIPPING: 9-13 business days

Standard Shipping:

Sydney 2-4 business days

Canberra 2-4 business days

Melbourne 3-5 business days

Brisbane 2-4 business days

Gold Coast 1-3 business days

Adelaide 4-6 business days

Perth 5-14 business days

Tasmania 4-6 business days

13. My Flik Hair Extensions colour is on backorder, can I still purchase it?

Of course you can, plus you will be guaranteed a first in when the shipment arrives.

14. What is the difference between European and Russian hair?

European and Russian hair are both high quality hair which blend seamlessly and effortlessly compared to cheaper types like Indian or Asian.

European Hair

The second highest quality standard hair extensions on the market. It blends with all hair types as it is fine/medium in density. European hair has a long life span but can dry out faster than Russian hair if not given proper care. Please see "How to care for your Flik Hair Extensions?" in our Blog.

Russian Hair

The worlds highest standard hair extensions on the market. It blends perfectly with fine hair with its fine density and is smoother in appearance. Russian hair has a longer life span than others on the market. However, proper care is needed. Please see "How to care for your Flik Hair Extensions?" in our Blog.

What Are Mini Tapes?

Mini tapes, unlike regular tapes, are smaller in tab size. Regular tapes are 4cmx1cm but mini tapes are 2.5cmx1cm. Being smaller in size creates a more natural blend and flow with your natural hair, less visible when wearing your hair in up styles and more flexible so less hair loss and damage. Join the hundreds of clients who are in love with their switch to mini tapes!


Do Mini Tapes Contain Less Hair?

No. They contain the same gram size as packets of regular tapes so you are not getting short changed when it comes to purchasing mini tapes. There is just more hair on each tape to compensate the width. 


*FREE PONYTAILS are made from a synthetic fibre. 

Please do not use heat styling tools or colour your free ponytail. Please note that your free ponytail colour will be the closest to what you have ordered and may slightly be of a different colour.




All payments are processed in AUD. 

All personal information gathered upon orders is securely stored. This information cannot and will not be distributed under any circumstance. 

Colours seen on Flik Hair Extensions online may differ depending on different computer screens/resolutions.

Cancellations on items are totally VOID once an order is placed. This works like a refund - unless the item received is faulty, a refund will not be processed.

Delays/losses via shipping methods are not Flik Hair Extensions responsibility. Once the parcel has been scanned in at Australia Post or DHL, Flik Hair Extensions is not liable if the parcel does not reach the customer. The customer will have to lodge an enquiry with Australia Post or DHL providing their tracking number. Oversea orders may incur a duties/tax charge, the customer is responsible for making this payment, not Flik Hair Extensions. Please contact your local customs unit for further details on making payment.


Flik Hair Extensions are pleased to offer an exchange policy on UNOPENED hair extensions within 30 days of you receiving your order, only if the packaging and hair extensions have NOT been opened, worn or tampered with and all packaging pieces are returned in good condition including any "Gift With Purchase' items. A store credit may be issued. We do not offer refunds on simple change of mind, so please select your products carefully.

**Please Note: The tester portion from your Flik Clip In Hair Extensions must be returned with the hair net or an exchange will NOT be approved. The tester piece may NOT be died, cut or altered in any way in order to receive an exchange. The main compartment must NOT be opened, ie, the hair taken out of the hair net under any circumstances or an exchange will NOT be approved. Please understand this is for hygiene purposes and for the safety of our consumers. ALL pieces of the packaging must be returned and in good condition**