Find the Best Quality, Real Human Hair Extensions and Extension Clips at a Good Price Online

It’s been said that a person’s hair is their crowning glory and that age-old adage still holds true today. Many would agree that when it comes to changing someone’s appearance, switching up a hairstyle is as effective as changing an outfit. The process of creating a new hairstyle used to take hours but thanks to quality hair extensions it’s now easy to quickly transform any look from frumpy to fabulous in record time.

With the use of good quality hair extensions such as a clip in human hair extensions clip, anyone can effortlessly change their hairstyle without spending a lot of time or money on a trendy cut or hair colour that they may want to change again.

We know that the average salon customer is looking for easier ways to manage their hair and stay on trend. Many folks count on their trusted hair care professional to keep their hair looking stylish and to give them a fresh new look.

At Flik Hair Extensions, we offer an online marketplace for hair care professionals to shop for a variety of real hair extensions to include 150g hair extensions, 250g hair extensions and we offer wholesale pricing for salon professionals on good quality hair extensions, real hair extensions and human hair extensions clips.

The Best Hair Extensions, 150g hair extensions and 250g hair Extensions at Wholesale Prices Online

The days of having to cut or colour your hair to make an impact are long gone. Nowadays, there are modern hair accessories available to anyone who wants to transform their look. It’s now possible to transform a look from trendy or classic using a few bobby pins, a ribbon or quality hair extensions.

Today’s savvy hair salon professionals rely on us for new and exciting hair care products and accessories such as the best hair extensions and clip style human hair extensions at affordable prices.

We offer a wide range of real hair extensions crafted from 100% emy human hair. Our extensions can be coloured and dyed so they are appropriate for any style from classic to traditional. Our products are high-quality and offer people many style options. While our extensions can be coloured we recommend that clients visit a professional for assistance with colouring extensions.

The Rising Popularity of Real Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been around for a long time. Did you know that extensions to hair were around back in the Egyptian period when royalty donned hair extensions to set them apart from the common people? There are several reasons why hair extensions are so popular:

  • Great for Hair Growth: Quality Hair extensions are perfect for creating a style while growing out short hair.
  • Easy to Experiment: If you want to give a particular colour a try without the commitment, good quality hair extensions provide a temporary solution.
  • Texture: Hair extensions add volume and create texture for thinning hair.

Visit our online marketplace for the best selection of hair extensions at wholesale pricing. From the popular 150g hair extensions to trendy ponytail extensions, we have the hair accessories that your clients desire.