22" Tapes - Caramel #10, 100% Human Remy Hair- 20 Pieces (55g)

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Flik Mini Tape Hair Extensions are less visible than regular tapes. You can mix and match colour by choosing different gram sizes achieve your desired look. 50g - 1/2 head 100g - full head 150g - natural looking blend (most popular) 200g - Extra thickness 250g - Super thick 300g - Showtime hair. Tape extensions can be applied in just a little over 30 minutes. Flik Mini Tape Hair Extensions leave the experience of visible large tapes behind, messy glue and painful wefts in the past. Finally a hair extension system that is easy, quick and efficient to apply while getting the desired effect of every client and customer. Mini Tapes are the newest tape hair design, guaranteed to become the hair extension product of choice for both consumer and hair stylists worldwide.  

Why purchase Flik Mini Tape Hair Extensions?  

• Silky Soft 100% Human Remy Hair
• Formulated to naturally blend with your natural hair
• Strong blue tape which can last up to 8 weeks once applied
• Just like your own natural hair it is safe to curl, cut & colour
• 20 shades to choose from
• Designed by highly qualified and experienced Hair Extension Specialists 
• Instantly enhance your confidence, look & style
• Flik Hair Extensions are full head and more! Far better than any competitor!